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Drawbacks of Canadian and US pharmaceutical industries

Canadian pharmacies possess a significant share in the pharmacy market nowadays. Accessibility of drugs and affordability of prices for them have attracted a lot of American consumers to Canadian market. US patients have many problems at home. Near 50 million of them don't have an appropriate medical cover. Moreover, the costs for the prescription of a medicine in America are very high in comparison with other countries. Many people can't afford it. So that Canadian pharmacies are so popular among American customers.

Most of the pharmacies are located in Western Canada and provide work places for 7000 people. Although you are probably not impressed by this number, you are sure to be impressed by the number of customers these pharmacies service. It is calculated that near 2 million of American buyers order drugs through online pharmacy stores. Some of these people don't have medical insurance.

Some of the Canadian drugs seem similar to American drugs at the first sight. In fact it appears that the drug brand is not the same. There are some generic drugs that can be used only in Canada. In this situation, a patient needs to get approval of the drug from the Food and Drug Administration before taking it. Furthermore, Canada is lack of drugs itself because they are illegally shipped to the USA in large amounts.

Wholesale import and trade of foreign drugs is forbidden by US government. But it is permitted to buy small amounts of drugs for personal use

It is not profitable for US pharmaceutical companies to operate in the market today because of the existence of such a strong Canadian competitor. And this tendency seems to continue. But all American citizens who buy Canadian drugs should consider that most of these drugs are not approved by FDA. So, before buying Canadian drugs it will be sensible to have a consultation with a doctor or a medical expert about the quality of the drug.

Canadian drugs are very cheap, but price is not the most important factor when we are speaking about health. There are other factors to be considered and examined before buying drugs online.